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Celebrity Body Painting Pictures

Celebrity Body Art


Celebrity body painting pictures are an easy great way to find creative popular body art ideas for different occasions. Whether you are looking for a full body paint, a pure nudist design, or simply a fun superhero painted costume, you can find plenty of ideas for your own body design.

One interesting point is that not many famous celebrities agree to show their full body painting picture publicly. Because most of them are purely nudist style, it may be embarrassing for their career.

But below you can find several rare beautiful designs from various celebrities. From Spiderman, X-Men characters, or other male and female celebrity names, you can take a look at their photos here.

Simply click on the design you find the most interesting, and you will view the larger picture in a new window easily. Enjoy!

Celebrity Body Painting Demi MooreCelebrity X-Men Body PaintJessica Simpson Celebrity Body ArtSpiderman Body Painting

Celebrity Male Body Art PaintingSpiderman Celebrity Female Body PaintingSwimsuit Body PaintingGirl in Swimsuit Body Paint

Which Celebrities Are Famous for Their Body Paintings?

Here is a list of interesting and sometimes strange, over-the-top public figures that you may have heard of. They are knows for their outrageous body arts and tattoos.

1. Angelina Jolie

As you may have noticed, Angelina's style is usually very elegant, dark, and quite unique to herself. You never see her dressing up like a common character or superhero. She has her own style that radiates an amazing sexy confidence. She dresses up as herself.

So her tattoos and body paintings are also quite unique. She mostly uses darker colors which give her an elegant, sophisticated look - instead of a childish colorful style.

3. Britney Spears

Now Britney may have been headed downhill the past few years - as far as the likability factor is concerned in the celebrity world. But she sure has an interesting sense of style when it comes to body arts, tattoo, and body paints.

She is quite comfortable in her skin and is not afraid of dressing a bit weird and unconventional sometimes. And the same applies with her choice of body arts.

She has a fairy on her lower back, which is becoming quite popular, a tiny daisy that circles her second toe on her right foot, butterfly taking flight off a vine on her left foot, and a Chinese symbol for mystery inside a flower on her lower stomach.

Johnny Depp

Many of us have a special respect for Johnny. His calm yet elegant and confident personality and style has captured the heart of thousands of people. And when it comes to his body paintings and tattoos, he is quite the leader.

He has 14 body arts on different areas of his skin, and each of them resemble a very deep personal meaning. So if you are the type of person who cares more about what your body painting means, instead of just looking for something that looks "pretty", you can find your design idea by looking at Depp's unique celebrity designs.

Celebrity Body Paintings


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