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Swimsuit Beach Body Painting

Swimsuit Body Painting


Are you looking for sexy swimsuit bikini body paintings for the beach? Whether you are searching for some fun creative ideas to design your own swimsuit body paint to go to the beach, or perhaps you simply enjoy looking at beautiful women "dressed" in body paint, you can find some of the best designs here.

Simply check out the free paint design ideas below and click the ones you like the most to see a larger high-quality photo in a new window. You are also welcome to save and print these designs to use when making your own bikini painting.

Beach Bikini Body PaintingSwimsuit Body PaintingGirl in Swimsuit Body PaintBikini Body Paint

Why Design a Swimsuit Beach Body Paint?

Here are some of the interesting fun advantages of going to the beach next time in your new creative painted swimsuit instead:

  • It is a fun unique idea and it will grab everyone's attention and admiration for thinking outside the box. Who knows? Not only you can enjoy a warm lovely day at the beach, but also meet new people when they are asking about your amazingly creative body paint.

  • Have you ever wondered how to get a full body tan? Well, now here is your chance. Simply when having a body painting bikini and lying under the sun, you are actually in nudist clothes. So the sun will capture your full body and give you a nice beautiful even tan.

  • It's sexy! Let's face it: Which one is sexier to see on the beach? A woman in a fully covered swimsuit... or a girl in a gorgeous bikini body paint? Just make sure your paint colors are waterproof in case you're planning to swim in the sea.

How to Draw a Perfect Bikini Body Painting

The first important step is to choose your general layout. You can simply look at various bikini styles and swimsuit design ideas to choose how you want your body paint design to look like.

Then you can draw the general layout on your skin using a thin paintbrush. It is best if you have someone else to help paint it on your body, since it is much easier than you trying to do it reserve in front of the mirror.

The last step is to fill the drawing area with the paint colors necessary. Make sure to use a thick paint layer, since your skin will absorb most of the part gradually. So the thicker your paint is, the more vivid and obvious your drawing will turn out later.

As mentioned before, if you are planning to go for a swim in the beach with your bikini swimsuit body painting, it is advisable to use a full body waterproof paint to keep your design intact afterwards.

Beach Body Painting


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